A bit more about Owl & Bear...

Owl & Bear Ltd is the brain child of long term marketeer me (Clare) with some encouragement from my dog Roo.

Having worked across all sorts of industries from Education, and Veterinary Care to Offshore Renewable's and Hospitality, I realised it was about time to follow my passion of working more closely with companies and individuals to give them the marketing help they needed without having to employ a full time member of staff. Essentially providing the role of Marketing Manager, without the overhead costs involved. 

Venturing into the world of business owner was a big step, but one that I haven't looked back on, having met some wonderful customers along the way and gaining satisfaction from being able to help businesses directly.

More than anything running my own business has shown me just how precious time is, and ensuring you spend it on the tasks you love and make you money is essential. That's why we offer our services to business owners, so that you can use your time to continue to carry on with what you are great at whilst we look after your marketing. If you'd like to know more, please do get in touch.

Just like your brand, Clare can make things stand out

Just like your brand, Clare can make things stand out